Panel 10

    …………IN GREAT BRITAIN 1939–1945
  2. Panel – Assistance to compatriots
  3. Panel – Nursing Department and nursing courses
  4. Panel – S.R.N. – State Registered Nurse
  5. Panel – Location of Czechoslovak nurses
  6. Panel – CRC nurse uniforms
  7. Panel – Components of the uniform of Emília Součková
  8. Panel – Medical expeditions
  9. Panel – Marie Rechtová
  10. Panel – Period Press

Period Press

On the left:
Čechoslovák English Edition, Nr. 3, November 1941.
ComedyCzechoslovakia, 14. 11. 1942.
Čechoslovák no. 10, 9. 3. (Czechoslovak no. 12, March 23, 1945.
Vlasta No. 5, 1st year 1947. [Moravian Library’s Digital Library] [Moravian Library’s Digital Library]

On the right:
Československá žena [Czechoslovak Woman], no. 3, August 17, 1945.
Čechoslovák no. 8, February 23, 1945

Our family, August 17, 1945.

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